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Sweet Sao Paulo is an information website that facilitates your discovery of an unexpected Sao Paulo. Available in three languages (Portuguese, English and French), Sweet Sao Paulo’s universe is dedicated to kids and adults, urban spirited adventurers looking for very special addresses, ideas and entertainment.  Whether you are looking for something classic or unusual, our Sweet messages will guide you to make your Paulistain break-away a spicy and unforgettable event. 

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Sandrine Choquart founded and is the editor in Chief of Sweet Sao Paulo. A Parisian at heart, Sandrine has been a Paulistain since 2012 and loves to share her passion to discover megacities. sandrine@sweetsaopaulo.com

Clemz is the illustrator of Sweet Sao Paulo. Drawing is her passion. Surprising, inventive and full of madness, Clemz crunches the pencil, her traditional working technique.

Amélie Perraud-Boulard runs around the city daily. Happy girl full of peps, she splendidly puts words together to share with you her Paulistain adventures. amelie@sweetsaopaulo.com

Barbara Chiré designs kidswear. She finds and proposes ideas for the Sweet Kids section. barbarachire@gmail.com

Laetitia de Panafieu works tirelessly and in secret on many Sweet Sao Paulo projects. laetitia@sweetsaopaulo.com

Christophe Choquart from London and Pedro Ivo Zecchin from Sampa, interpret Sandrine's texts and translate with joy and happy mood for our readers.

Design and web development of Sweet Sao Paulo - Regular Switch - www.regularswitch.com.br.

Participation in Sweet Sao Paulo branding - Enivrance - www.enivrance.com.


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This site is operated by Sweet São Paulo Consultoria e Divulgaçã Ltda - cnpj 21-777-871/0001-96.

The headquartered is Rua Manuel Da Nobrega n o 801 Casa 6, CEP 04001-084, Bairro Paraiso, Sao Paulo, SP. The Director of Publication and Drawing is Sandrine Choquart.

Elements of the website published by Sweet São Paulo, including text, illustrations and trees are the exclusive property of Sweet Sao Paulo Ltda. 

Any reproduction, copying or use and by any means without our agreement will constitute an infringement likely to lead to judicial proceedings. However, the dissemination of information is possible with the agreement of Sweet Sao Paulo. contact@sweetsaopaulo.com

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The Sweet Sao Paulo team tours the city on a daily basis in search of places, people and activities that keeps it human-sized, despite its apparent and very mediatic gigantism.

For you, the team identifies and shares its passion for what is unusual, fun and friendly. The team goes all the way to make our addresses yours. We thrive to keep you informed and inspired in an independent manner.

We attach great importance to the quality and reliability of the information we provide to you. Our Sweet Newsletters will never come as unwanted to your mail box.

Sweet Sao Paulo may  sometimes decide to share articles on behalf of its partners. If you are advertisers and are interested in joining  Sweet Sao Paulo creative world, please contact us at : contact@sweetsaopaulo.com.